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U.S. Dollar Rebound Thin, Welcomes Positive Fiscal Policy

24/Dec/2011 00:02
(Vibiznews-FX)  "The indication of positive developments on the U.S. economy re-emerged on the night (23-12).

On this night (GMT) The U.S. Congress agreed to pass an extension of tax cuts policy eight days before the expiration of the policy, signaling the existence of an additional stimulus for the U.S. consumer sector.

The proposal was passed after the Republican party to cancel the objection along with the increasing political pressure.

The policy will be negotiated for extended again early next year.
Analyst Research Vibiz of Vibiz Consulting suggests that an increase in positive signal could strengthen the position of the U.S. dollar.

In the pair USD / JPY exchange rate observed in the range of rolling 78.11, or approximately +0.12% rebound from the lowest range today

(Indra Yudhisthira / IYD / vbn)

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